Enterprise Account Management Tools

Enterprise Customer Thresholds

Enterprise customers are large business customers with a minimum annual Starlink recurring spend of US$1M. Enterprise customers have tiered support options outlined below:

  • For customers with over US$1M annual recurring Starlink spend, Starlink will provide initial onboarding support for the first 3 months.
  • For customers with over US$5M annual recurring spend, Starlink will provide ongoing account management support with an individual account manager, business reviews, insight into future product and feature roadmaps, and other benefits.
  • Enterprise customers under these thresholds can purchase the following for additional support -
    • 3 months of initial onboarding support for US$30K
    • Ongoing account management support for US$20K per month

Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise accounts have access to the Dashboard, with tools to track and manage terminals. This ensures that their network remains online and available for key operations. A few notable functions are listed below:

  • Monitor and manage locations, with details available for every Starlink terminal
  • Remote tech support to monitor Starlink performance and manage service at each location
  • Deep dive and track performance metrics, including downlink and uplink throughput. Download metrics in .csv files for further analysis
  • Manage router settings when using the Starlink router

To get Dashboard access, please request access in a support ticket including your first name, last name, email, and phone number. To access the Dashboard on Starlink.com, log in to your account, click on the three-bar icon on the top right, and click on "My Account".

The following pages include instructions on how to manage your Starlinks using the Dashboard.

Enterprise APIs

Enterprise accounts with an account manager have access to our APIs. Starlink has two APIs, a Management API and a Telemetry API.

The Telemetry API documentation can be found here: https://starlink.readme.io/docs/telemetry-api

The Management API documentation can be found here: https://starlink.readme.io/docs/management-api

Please reach out to your account manager for API access.