Using the Enterprise Dashboard

Functions of the Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise customers can manage their Starlink services through the Dashboard. The Dashboard provides visibility into Starlink performance and allows businesses to better manage their operations. Some useful functions of the Dashboard are detailed below, with instructions on how to do them with an Enterprise account.

Activate a new Starlink

When scaling Starlink across your business, you can purchase additional Starlinks within your account. These Starlinks will arrive deactivated and you will need to add them to your account. To activate a new Starlink:

  1. Open your Starlink Dashboard
  2. Next to the field "All Service Lines" click on the "+"
  3. Fill out the template

Considerations for the activation process:

  • If you do not have any subscriptions or kits in the drop down box, please submit a support ticket.
  • The service address must be within the same country your account is linked to.

Deactivate / cancel a service line

If customers are moving a Starlink dish to a different location or only using Starlink for part of the year, they can deactivate their service when not in use. When customers are planning to deactivate a Starlink dish, they will need to cancel the service plan associated with the dish. To deactivate a dish:

  1. Open your Starlink dashboard

  2. Locate the Starlink you wish to deactivate/cancel and select the "Manage" button

  3. From the drop down options for the indicated service line, select "Cancel Service Line"

  4. Select "Yes" to complete the cancellation. Once complete, billing for the indicated service line will end. Service will continue until the end of the current billing cycle

    Note: When deactivating/cancelling a service line, you will not be billed for that service line on your next billing day of the month. All Starlinks on that service line will get service until the day before the next billing day of the month.

If you remove your Starlinks, but do not cancel the service line, you will continue to be billed for service.

Remove a Starlink from a service line

If an Enterprise customer wants to transfer a Starlink between different accounts, they will need to remove the Starlink from a service line. Removing a Starlink from a service line will not stop billing, to prevent billing the customer will need to cancel the associated service line.

  1. From the dashboard, navigate the service line the Starlink is attached to and select "Manage"
    If your account has multiple Starlinks on the same service line, ensure the correct Starlink is selected, then select "Manage"
  2. To the right of your service line name, click on the menu indicated by 3 horizontal lines
  3. Select "Remove Starlink"

Transfer a Starlink between accounts

For each country that an Enterprise customer wants to use Starlink in, they will need a separate account for that country. Once a Starlink is shipped, it will be locked to the account that matches the country it was shipped to. However, Enterprise customers can transfer Starlinks between their accounts if they decide to move them between countries.

  • Example: Company shipped Starlink to the Netherlands, but wants to activate fixed service in Germany, they would need to transfer Starlink to a different account for Germany.

If a customer wants to change resellers, they will need to transfer the Starlink from the current reseller account to the new reseller account. For this process, the current reseller will need to unlock the kit and the future reseller will need to add the kit.

To transfer Starlink to a different account, customers will:

Part 1: Unlock

  1. Ensure Starlink you wish to unlock has been removed from any service line using the instructions contained in “Remove a Starlink from a service line”
  2. The current account must "unlock" the Starlink from their account
  3. Navigate to the current account's "Dashboard" tab
  4. Select "Add and Unlock Starlinks" in the top right corner
  5. Select "Unlock Starlinks"
  6. Input the Starlink(s) you would like to unlock from your account
    • You can select a single Starlink from the dropdown or input a comma separated list of up to 20 Starlink identifiers
  7. Select "Unlock Starlinks"

Part 2: Add

  1. Navigate to the recipient account's "Dashboard" tab
  2. Select "Add and Unlock Starlinks" in the top right corner
  3. Select "Add Starlinks"
  4. Input the Starlink(s) you would like to add to your account
    • You may input a single identifier or input a comma separated list of up to 20 Starlink identifiers
  5. Select "Add Starlinks"

Opt-in / opt-out of data overages

Once a customer has exceeded the data allotment on their service plan, they can opt-in to purchase additional Priority or Mobile Priority data. Once a customer opts-in, they will be automatically billed for any additional GB they use until they opt-out. Excess data usage each month will be displayed on the customer's monthly invoice.

  1. On the Dashboard tab, find the Starlink you want to Opt-in or Opt-out
  2. Click on the "manage" button
  3. On the Data Usage Graphic there will be "Priority" or "Mobile Priority" with a toggle button, click the toggle
  4. There will be a pop up box that says "Enable Priority/Mobile Priority?", click enable to opt-in. If previously opted-in, click enable to opt-out

The cost of additional data varies by country. For more information on fair use, please see Starlink's Fair Use Policy after selecting your region.