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How do I set up Starlink?

READ THE GUIDE - Getting Started with Starlink

WATCH VIDEO - Starlink Install Starlink is easy to set up!

  1. Find a clear view of the sky. Use the "Check for Obstructions" tool on the Starlink app (iOS, Android) to find the install location that will deliver the best service.
  2. Plug Starlink into power.
  3. Within a few minutes, your Starlink will connect to satellites.
    • First, Starlink will automatically level itself to search for satellites overhead. Do NOT attempt to manually adjust your Starlink.
    • Next, Starlink will make an initial connection to the Starlink constellation and tilt to the optimum angle for satellite coverage - slightly north or south based on your location in the northern or southern hemisphere.
  4. Connect to high-speed Starlink internet from your device!

Experiencing issues getting online after reviewing the setup guides?

Connect to your Starlink WiFi > Open the Starlink App > See if there are any alerts on the home screen.
If you are unable to connect to your Starlink WiFi, please follow this troubleshooting guide: Cannot connect to the Starlink Router

If there are no alerts, please navigate to the topic to troubleshoot based on what the App screen says:

  • App Says Starlink is Offline - Disconnected
  • App Says Starlink is Offline - Booting
  • App Says Starlink is Offline - Searching

What comes with my Starlink Kit?

Your Starlink Kit includes everything you need to connect to the internet including your Starlink, WiFi router/power supply, cables, and base.

The Starlink base is designed for ground level installation, or to support a quick start setup to test your internet connection. Many customers find that a permanent mount provides the best installation and service. Additional mounts and accessories are available for purchase on the Starlink Shop once your Starlink Kit is ready to ship.

To view hardware specifications, please click here and select your Starlink model.

How can I expect my order to ship?

Your order will ship within the estimated shipping timeline provided on your order details page found on your Account page. We will notify you if the estimated shipping timeline changes.

Your order details show you the status of your order. Statuses listed in chronological order:

  1. Pending
  2. Preparing Shipment - with the estimated shipping timeline
  3. Shipped - with the tracking number link (FedEx/DHL)

Note: Certain countries (e.g. Brazil, Philippines) may experience longer delivery timelines.

How do I activate my Starlink?

If you do not already have a Starlink, please visit www.starlink.com to purchase your Starlink hardware.

If you have purchased a Starlink from an authorized retailer or third party, follow the steps below to add your Starlink to a new account or to existing account.

Go to www.starlink.com/activate

  • Enter Starlink Identifier
  • Click New Account
  • Click Existing Account if you have an existing account
  • Enter Your Address
  • Choose Service
  • Enter your Contact and Billing Information
  • Select “Place Order”. Placing your order will activate your service immediately. Your Starlink service statement
  • will generate automatically every 30 days.


  • Standard and Priority service plan activations are not possible in areas at full capacity. You can view Starlink's service availability map on starlink.com/map. If there is no capacity in the area, there will be the option to activate with a Mobile type service plan.
  • Activating Standard or Mobile service plans in an existing Business type account is not supported.
  • Activating a Starlink for use in a different country than the country used upon original account sign up is not supported.
  • Service will not be activated for Starlinks currently assigned to an existing account.

Recommended Topics:

How do I install Starlink?

Are there authorized Starlink installers?

Currently, we do not have any authorized / recommended installers in the US. However, customers have found success using local contractors with experience in roof and external wall installation.

My installation requires longer cables. What do I do?

Longer cables are available for purchase in the Starlink Shop. Cable options vary by dish type.

I am getting less than 50Mbps in download speed, but expecting more. What is going on?

There are several factors that can lead to slow speeds, such as poor router strength, obstructions, and specific device limitations. Consider confirming that your dish has an unobstructed view of the sky and that your router is in a central position. Both of these issues can be identified in the app.

If your computer or network device has an older WiFi interface, speed will be limited on that device. Some older ethernet ports only support 100 Mbps. Check your equipment, or try a different device.

If you have confirmed your setup is nominal, please reach out to customer support about your slow speeds.