Software Updates

Update Schedule

Starlink software updates are released approximately every two weeks but can be more or less frequent.

Updates are not scheduled on specific days and are designed to rollout without disrupting service.

Software updates are downloaded in the background and applied when the terminal reboots.


Software updates do not count against service priority data limits. Starlink will "zero-count" the data used for updates and telemetry.

Software Update Reboots

The Starlink will automatically reboot to apply software updates periodically at 3:00 AM local time +/- 30 minutes.

Local time is based on the current physical location of the Starlink hardware.

The billing, service, or shipping address is not used to set Starlink local time.


Starlinks aviation services will wait to reboot until the Starlink velocity is below 9 m/s (or ~20 mph) continuously for 15 minutes. After this condition is met the Starlink will reboot.