Buying Starlink FAQs

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How quickly can I start using Starlink services?

Starlink kits typically have a 1-2 week delivery time and installation should take no more than a few hours. After installation, your Starlink will be available to use within minutes of set up.

How do I place a bulk order?

You will need to purchase a Starlink kit before ordering more than 1. After that, you can order additional kits in bulk in your account.

Does Starlink offer non-profit discounts? Can I apply for a tax exemption (as a federal agency / non-profit)?

We do not currently offer discounts for non-profits.

Qualified federal agencies, non-profits, and other tax exempt groups, are eligible for a tax exemption. To apply, you will need to submit a support ticket with appropriate documentation. After approval, sales taxes will be refunded to you. A list of appropriate documents and more information is available here.

Are contracts an option for my business?

At this time we do not offer contracts, please visit our legal page here to learn more about our terms of service.

Are there discounts available for a bulk order?

There are currently no discounts for bulk orders.

Can I get a quote for Starlink?

At this time, we do not support custom quotes.

How do I submit a purchase order or receive an invoice?

At this time, we can only support purchase orders for customers with at least US$10,000/mo in service payments. If this is a blocker for you, please let us know more here.

Where can I buy Starlink Maritime or Starlink Mobility?

Starlink for in motion use (Maritime and Mobility) is available for purchase in a limited set of countries listed here. The Mobile Priority Data plans can be used globally, with some territorial waters and in-motion land use contingent on government approval.

Can I access the Starlink App if I bought Starlink through an authorized reseller?

At this time, customers who've purchased a Starlink from an authorized reseller do not have access to the Starlink App.

How does the Starlink warranty work?

If you receive a return merchandise authorization (RMA) for Starlink within the warranty period, you will have to return the whole Starlink kit (including other parts). In the case hardware is replaced within the warranty period, SpaceX will provide the hardware without additional charge.