Monitoring Your Starlink

How to check your Starlink's usage statistics and telemetry data

Online/Offline Status

Green: Your Starlink is online and transmitting

Yellow: Your Starlink is online and has an alert

Red: Your Starlink is offline

Grey: We don't have any record of telemetry for the Starlink


Review and monitor your data usage by type of data consumed (Priority or Standard) and by day and month.
There is currently a 2hr delay in reporting from when the data is consumed vs when it is displayed in the dashboard.


Review the network statistics of your Starlink

DownlinkDownload speed in Mbps
UplinkUpload speed in Mbps
LatencyRound trip time to the Starlink POP
Ping LossPercentage of "pings" sent that did not get a response from the POP. You should not experience any effects while ping loss is less than 3%
Signal QualitySignal Quality is an indication of Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) which we represent as a percentage from 0% - 100%
ObstructionCheck to see where you may have obstructions causing intermittent service. Any obstruction level is bad for performance. If you see obstruction percentage greater than 0.2%, your install location or current surroundings is having a negative effect on performance. Anything more than 0.27% obstruction will cause enough outages for the end user to notice. In this case, please consider adjusting your install location or raising up your Starlinks to improve your performance. A Starlink should have a clear view above 20 degrees elevation, in ALL directions 360 degrees around the azimuth.