For a complete list of FAQs, visit https://support.starlink.com

Are there data caps?

All business plans come with unlimited standard data and then a configurable amount of priority data. Plan options are listed below:

  • Fixed plans: 1TB, 2TB, 6TB, 40GB
    • Priority data includes faster speeds and top network priority, ensuring the best coverage for your business
  • Mobile plans: 50GB, 1TB, 5TB
    • Mobile priority data provides all the benefits of priority data, but includes global ocean coverage so your business can operate from anywhere that Starlink provides service

What happens if I go over the data limits?

You can opt-in to automatic overages once you exceed your monthly priority data limit. Each additional GB is US$0.50 for fixed plans and US$2 for mobile plans. If you choose to opt-out, Priority plans will be reverted to unlimited standard data and Mobile Priority plans will revert to unlimited Mobile Data.

You can track your excess monthly data usage and purchase additional Priority or Mobile Priority data at any time via the Starlink App or via your Starlink account. Your excess data usage per month will also be displayed on your next monthly invoice. Once you opt-in, you will be automatically billed for additional Priority or Mobile Priority data used until you opt-out, including in following billing cycles.

Can I change my service plan(s)?

Yes, service plans can be changed within your Starlink account. More details are available here.

Can I pause my service plan? How do I pause / cancel service?

You can pause / un-pause service at any time on Mobile and Mobile Priority service plans. More details are available here.

For customers on Priority service plans, you can cancel service and reactivate at a later date. The service will end on your next billing date. More details on the cancellation process can be found here. To reactivate your Starlink at a later date, please refer here.

Can I share service plans among dishes?

No, each dish will need its own service plan.

How do I decide between a residential and business plan?

If high speed internet is critical to your business and you will have more than a few users we recommend the business plan (Priority Service + High Performance Kit).

Do I need new equipment to switch between residential and business plans?

Once you purchase a dish you can switch between plans. Keep in my mind though that the high performance dishes (i.e. Business and Mobility) will have better performance particularly in harsher weather conditions and more user capacity.

What happens if I need to move my Starlink between different locations, but don't need it in motion?

Customers can change their service address in their account, but service is not guaranteed. If you plan to move your Starlink frequently (more than a few times a year), we recommend switching to a Mobile Priority service plan.

How many users / devices can a single dish support?

We recommend about 20 devices per High Performance dish, but this can vary based on network use (high bandwidth activities like video streaming might max out dish capacity sooner vs low-bandwidth activities like web browsing, email, VoIP might mean you can have more users).

Can one Starlink dish be used by multiple buildings / sites?

Starlink Gen2 WiFi router (included with the High Performance dish) has a range of around 2,000 sq ft. (dependent on placement, building materials, etc.) and is recommended for around 20 users / devices. If your sites are within that range and user count, the dish can be used for multiple sites.

How reliable is the connection?

We aim for 99.99% uptime but this can be vary by region. The Starlink network has path redundancy and the ability to shift between multiple satellites and ground stations ensuring minimal service disruption.

Is there coverage in my area?

Business service plans (Priority Data) are available in the following countries. To check if a specific address / area code is serviced, enter your address on the Starlink Business page and click "Order Now".

  • Austria, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Cocos Islands, Chile, Colombia, Christmas Island, Germany, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain, France, Great Britain, Heard and McDonald Islands, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Norfolk Island, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Rwanda, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, United States, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • On a business priority plan, any location in the continental US will have service capacity. There may be a few exceptions as network capacity changes.

Residential service plans are available as shown in this map.

Does Starlink have Enterprise accounts? What is the difference between Business and Enterprise accounts?

Starlink offers Enterprise account types to certain customers (minimum of $1M annual spend). Enterprise accounts receive account management resources for onboarding or dedicated support. Conversely, Business accounts receive 24/7 priority customer support through Starlink's ticketing system. Details on the types of Enterprise accounts are below.

  • For customers with over US$1M annual recurring revenue, Starlink will provide account management resources to support onboarding and initial deployment.
  • For customers with over US$5M annual recurring revenue, Starlink will provide ongoing account management support with an individual account manager, business reviews, insight into future product and feature roadmaps, and other benefits.

If you are interested in enterprise support but plan to spend less than the above thresholds, we have several alternate paid options that our enterprise sales team can discuss with you. Please reach out through our sales consultation form to learn more.

Can I use Starlink as a back-up / failover option for my business?

Yes, this is possible and many businesses currently use Starlink as secondary or tertiary backup connection.