Getting Started with Starlink Business & Enterprise Guide

Interested in Starlink for your business? Learn more about technical specs, service plans, customer support, and more.

Starlink provides high speed, broadband internet using a simple, scalable hardware platform that can be easily distributed across locations around the world. Unbounded by local infrastructure, and designed to support multiple paths back to the internet, Starlink provides reliable service to ensure your business can keep doing what it does best.

Starlink currently provides services to tens of thousands of business locations and serves customers in a multitude of capacities, including: primary enterprise connectivity, replacement of 4G and VSAT, backup, interim setup, and emergency service.

Across its network, Starlink maintains greater than 99.5% uptime across all customers – and higher for unobstructed installations. Uptime is measured without mitigating factors like weather and wire-cut outages.

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