Starlink Enterprise Dashboard

Starlink Enterprise Dashboard

24/7 Priority Support

For Business customers, Starlink provides 24/7 Priority Support.

  • 24/7 Customer Support through online ticketing system at Priority & Mobile Priority customer tickets are prioritized above other requests in the queue.
  • Customers can also find support available in the Starlink App, available on IOS and Android.

Enterprise customers:

  • For customers with over US$1M annual recurring revenue Starlink will provide account management resources to support onboarding and initial deployment
  • For customers with over US$5M annual recurring revenue, Starlink will provide ongoing account management support with an individual account manager, business reviews, insight into future product and feature roadmaps, and other benefits.
  • For customers under these thresholds, a 3 month onboarding program is available for US$30K


For Enterprise customers, Starlink provides its Enterprise Dashboard. The Dashboard allows large accounts to track and manage terminals, to help ensure your corporate network remains online and available for operations. A few of the notable functions are listed below.

  • Monitor and manage your locations
  • Dashboard allows remote tech support to monitor Starlink Terminal performance and manage the Starlink service at each location.
  • Deep dive and track performance metrics, like Downlink and Uplink throughput. Including downloading CSV files for further analysis.
  • If using the Starlink Router, provided with the Starlink High Performance antenna, customers may manage the router settings through the Business Dashboard.
  • Starlink seeks continuous feedback from our customers to improve the usefulness of this dashboard.


Does Starlink offer a trial period to test the product? How do I request a refund / return?

All Starlink kits are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of shipment. We recommend using this to test the product for your business. More details are available here.

Does Starlink provide support?

Priority & Mobile Priority service plans receive 24/7 priority customer support for the duration of the subscription.

Does Starlink offer speed guarantees or SLAs?

We do not currently offer either. Please see our US fair use policy here and legal page here details.

What does maintenance for the Starlink dish look like?

The Starlink terminal can withstand extreme temperatures, hail, sleet, heavy rain, and gale force winds. In the event of an issue, please reach out to support.