Technical FAQs

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Are static or public IPs supported?

Starlink currently supports public IP configurations for business service plans. Starlink's IPv4 is dynamically DHCP assigned, but maintains virtually the same functionality as a true static IP. All service plans include a /56 IPv6 prefix. More details are available here.

Does Starlink have ethernet ports?

High Performance kits come with an ethernet cable, allowing you to connect directly from the power supply to ethernet. Additional ethernet adapters are available in the “Shop” tab in your account.

How secure is my Starlink WiFi connection?

The Starlink WiFI router is supports both WPA2 and WPA3 security protocols, which provides network encryption and meets the ISO standard for internet security.

Does Starlink support VPNs? Will enterprise VPN or SDWAN appliances work?

You will be able to set up a VPN after establishing a network connection. Starlink currently supports VPNs that use TCP or UDP. More detail is available here.

Information about enterprise site-to-site VPN and SDWAN appliances is available here.

What are the power requirements for Starlink?

The average power usage for a High Performance kit is 110-150W (200W max). For the power supply unit, power specifications are 100-240V - 6.3A 50 - 60 Hz.

Is it possible to use boosters / extenders?

Yes, mesh nodes can be used to extend the WiFi connection. Starlink Mesh Wifi routers can extend your network connection. More information and purchasing details are available here. For 3rd party systems, more details are available here.